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Our organization’s purpose is to foster love and fellowship among all ex-police officers of the Guyana Police Force in Canada and the world at large. We are a non political or sectarian group. Our membership is a mixed group of individuals that reflects the makeup of Guyana.

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Gepac Executive Members 2011

The recently-elected Executive of the Guyana Ex-Police Association 2011 - 2012

Standing L to R: Welfare Officer William Henry, Vice-President John Johnson, Treasurer, Cleveland Chester, Sergeant-at-Arm Fitzherbert Mars, Trustee Louis Jarvis, and Asst. Treasurer Roy Soobrian.

Seated are: Trustee Bert Leacock, Immediate Past President Roger Mattar, President Lance Alexander, Trustee Dessie Fanfair and Secretary Gord Collins.

Absent are Public Relations Officer Frederick Halley and Asst. Secretary John O’Dell

The new executive and some members of the Guyana Ex-Police Association of Canada (GEPAC) 2011 - 2012


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